Many of you know what a is a noun? The noun has many subcategories. And one of them is a material noun. For those who don’t know much about material nouns and have confusion about it, this is a perfect blog post, that helps you to get rid of all those tiny confusions and makes you confident about the material nouns.

So why so late, let’s get into the definition of a material noun.
Material Nouns are the name of material out of which things are made.

Material nouns are the nouns that are not able to count because they are in the form of materials like air, metal, gold, salt, iron, silver, steel, brass, bronze, copper, aluminum, lead, coal, coral, gem, diamond, glass, fiber, calcium, plastic, rubber, paper, cement, paint, plywood, synthetics, shampoo, soap, perfume, wine, tar, chemical, rexine, etc.

As you can see from the above example one cannot count materials like cloth air, sand, sugar, salt, etc. Instead of counting they will have separate metrics like kilograms, milligrams, liters, etc.

Hope now you got a specific idea about material nouns. Let’s deep dive into the examples of material nouns.

  1. I bought a wooden cricket bat. Here the cricket bat is made of material wood. So wood is a material noun.
  2. I gifted my girlf friend a gold ring. Here the ring is made out of gold. So gold is a material noun.
  3. I love to wear cotton shirts. Here shirt is made up of cotton, it is a material noun.

Let’s categorize the material nouns:

Material nouns from nature: air, gold, silver, iron, copper, sand, rock, sunlight, rain, water, salt, etc.

Material nouns from animals: egg, milk, silk, leather, wool, etc.

Material nouns from plants: cotton, wood, tea, oil, rubber, etc.

Man-made material nouns: acid, brick, cement, butter, chalk, ghee, cheese, etc.

Facts of material noun

  1. Material Nouns are singular and one should only use singular verbs for material nouns such as – is, has.

Example: Food is a basic need for survival.

  1. Never use articles before the material nouns.

  Example: A water is colorless. The water is colorless.

Both examples above are wrong.

Instead of articles, we can use qualifiers such as some, a lot, a teaspoon, etc.

  1. I want to drink some hot water.
  2. Please add a teaspoon of sugar.
  3. Don’t add a lot of salt to the food.

As the material noun is singular. Don’t use e, es to the material nouns.
Example: cotton(cottons is wrong)
wool(wools is wrong)
honey(honeys is wrong)

Why don’t you take a small exercise?

  1. My sister like silk sarees
  2. I love to eat jaggery sweets.
  3. I drink hot water every morning which helps me in my metabolism.
  4. I like toys made of wood.
  5. Coconut oil is very good for hair.
  6. Too much salt in food leads to many diseases.
  7. I hate nylon clothes because they are uncomfortable.

I hope, this blog post has helped you to get a clear idea about the material noun. For more clarity and in-depth knowledge of the subject, I would suggest you try to figure out material nouns around you in your real life.

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