Before diving into the concept of a common noun, let’s look at the word common. The term common reflects the meaning – used frequently, belong to two or more people or things. In simple words, a common noun is a noun that reflects the names of generic items. Thus terms like people, birds, king, queen come under common nouns. These words are not pointing to any particular person or thing. When we use a common noun we don’t know which person or object we are pointing to precisely.

Here are some examples that make you more confident with common nouns.

  1. Common nouns in people: doctor, teacher, artist, dancer, priest, actress, etc
  2. Common nouns in birds: parrot, sparrow, peacock, crow, kingfisher, etc
  3. Common nouns in animals: tiger, lion, cat, dog, squirrel, etc
  4. Common nouns in objects: pen, paper, bat, ball, mobile, etc

Easy Way To Identify Common Nouns

The common nouns are in lowercase. They are opposite to a proper noun that starts with a capital case. Thus in a sentence, if you find any generic name in lowercase it is a common noun.

Here are some examples:

  1. Incorrect: Ramesh is a Doctor in a reputed hospital.
    Correct: Ramesh is a doctor in a reputed hospital.
  2. Incorrect: Tesla has launched a new Car in India.
    Correct: Telsa has launched a new car in India.
  3. Incorrect: Karthi loves Dogs.
    Correct: Karthi loves dogs.

The following table will help you more:

Common NounsProper Nouns
peopleRamu, Raghu, Rani, Sandeep, Piyush, Janu, Manohar, Neeraj, Kishore, etc
statesAndhra Pradesh, Maharastra, Punjab, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Jammu Kashmir, Telangana, etc
countriesIndia, America, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, etc
oceanThe Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Arctic Ocean, etc

Here is an exercise for you. Find common nouns in the following:

  1. I took an appointment with a doctor for my fever.
  2. Corona is making man nervous about the future.
  3. Kishore is a dog lover.
  4. A man standing in the bus station looks like my husband.
  5. My sister is a movie lover.
  6. A teacher is a very responsible profession.
  7. The president announced the covid vaccine by next month.
  8. Playing games will keep help you both physically and mentally.
  9. Ramu is an honest lawyer.

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