What do you need to know about Concrete Nouns?

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You may have learned about what is a noun. The noun is basically the “name” of person, place, or a thing. You must know that most nouns come into the category of a concrete noun. In this article, you will learn what concrete noun is and how is it used in sentences.

What is a Concrete Noun?

Concrete nouns are those you can see with your eyes and touch with your hands. Or we can say; concrete nouns are the things we experience through over five senses which are the sense of touch, smell, sight, taste, and hear. This definition is easy for you to understand. As you will take a look in your surroundings; you may see various concrete nouns. These nouns are common like cups and books.

Everything and everyone around you whether they are your friends, family, places like parks, school, or anything are all examples of concrete nouns.

Remember this note: Concrete nouns are those that you can see, touch, and feel and not the ones you cannot see, touch, or feel (those are abstract nouns; we will learn about them in the next post).

There are two types of concrete nouns and they are:

1. Countable Nouns
Countable nouns are those that can be measured or calculated and they can be both singular and plural. For example a pen, pens, copy, copies, etc. These are the things that can be counted easily.

2.Uncountable Nouns
Uncountable nouns do not have a plural form and they cannot be measured or counted. For example rice, sugar, electricity, etc. However, a concrete noun can be a proper, collective, and common noun as well.

To make it clearer for you; here are the lists of concrete nouns.
Animals and Birds: Alligator, Bear, Cat, Dog, Elephant, Fox, Goat, Horse, Elephant, Jackal, Kangaroo, Lion, Monkey, Bulbul, Crow, Duck, Eagle, Flamingo, Goose, Heron, Kiwi, Macaw, Nightingale, Ostrich, etc.

Body parts: Head, arm, back, waist, buttocks, face, chest, stomach, hip, hand, foot, etc.

Clothing and accessories: Skirt, Bikini, Dress pants, Jumper, Sneakers, Hoodie, Vest, etc.

Things: pencil, pens, table, chair, fan, mobile, laptop, stairs, TV, etc.

Food items: Potato, rice, couscous, barley, pasta, chicken, legumes, apples, canned tuna, fish, eggs, etc.

Examples of Concrete nouns

Here are the sentences containing concrete nouns (underlined and bold) for you to have a thorough understanding.

  • She put the red flowers into the vase.
  • Our class start at 2:00 PM in the afternoon.
  • Happiness is watching a beautiful cat.
  • My mother cooks the best white sauce pasta.
  • My car is not working since morning.
  • There is a herd of sheep outside.
  • I love putting carrots in my salad.
  • Do not forget to drink milk tonight.
  • I need a new watch for my birthday.
  • The train will pass through the station at 4:00 PM.

Do you notice the bold words in the sentences? These are concrete nouns because you can feel, taste, touch, hear, or smell them. Without a concrete noun, you won’t be able to identify the subject in the sentence.

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