Proper nouns and their usage

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A proper noun is a name of any PARTICULAR (not general) person, place, or thing. Proper nouns are written in capitalized form; despite of the place they appear in a sentence. Look at the example to understand what a proper noun is.

  1. I am going to watch “Singham” tonight.
  2. Anjali cooks the meal.
  3. I like to eat Pav Bhaaji.

Note: The bold and italic words are Proper noun. In the first sentence; proper noun comes in the middle. In the second sentences; proper noun comes first. In the third sentence; proper noun comes at the end.

Keep this thing in mind:
The generic terms of an item are not proper noun but the specific term in. look at the examples below to understand it.

common noun proper noun
Place Taj Mahal
boy Sandeep
book Mahabharat
country India

Proper nouns need to be written in capital letters but there are some rules for capitalizing proper nouns. To make it easy for you, we have mentioned the rule below

Rules of capitalization of Proper nouns

To write in proper grammar, you have to follow the rules. However, it is easy to use the proper nouns, there are some rules you need to follow and the rules are:

1. First names in capital form

The first rule is to capitalize on the first name even if it is yours, your best friend’s, a family member, or anyone in the world. The reason to capitalize on the first name is that all names are proper nouns.
Ex: Please take Suraj with you. Natasha is eating lunch.

2. Do not put all letters in the capital formation in a sentence

Remember not to use all the words of a sentence in the capital form.
Ex: Please Let Me Buy Nike Shoes For Suraj. (wrong)

You only have to put emphasis on the proper nouns in the sentence.
Ex: Please let me buy Nike shoes for Suraj. (right) In the right sentence above, the proper nouns (bold and italic) start with capital letters.

3. Names of books, places, and persons in capital form

If you use the generic term of books, place, and persons; you don’t need to capital their first letters. However, if you use the SPECIFIC name of a book, place, and person; you must start them in capital letters.
Ex: Bhagwat Gita, Golden Temple, Prem.

4. Capitalization of directions

Directions are not used as proper nouns unless they have appeared in a sentence as a part of a place.
Ex: Let’s go north and find a restaurant there to eat.
In the above sentence, there is no place stated therefore, we don’t have to write north in capital letter.

Have you ever went to North Delhi?
In the above sentence, the place Delhi is specific. Therefore, North Delhi is the name of a particular place, we use capital letters for it.

When we write something, we need to have an idea of which words are proper nouns so we could write the first letter of the word in capital form.

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